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Collection – Face of Diversity

Typ: Performing art


A day of December

Idé: Siri Dybwik Foto: Morten Berentsen

I let myself become a piece of furniture because I perform in the furniture store as an installation. And to combine both of the ideas between the installation and the solo piece, Savalliana-solo by Rui Lopes Graçe. I start out by refining the elements. In this solo piece, it’s about home and also to present an important thing in my mind to the public/audience in various ways. I divide this piece in four sections according to its quality of movements .
Section A: sending and projecting.
Section B: sharpness and clearness.
Section C: symmetry and irregularity.
Section D: angles.
This becomes the origin of my quality as a piece of furniture. And at the beginning of the research, I put my intention between me and the furniture. So in order to understand each other and create a relationship. I try to define them. I found out it’s been created by lines in the space, materials of softness or hardness, the feeling that colors create. Through the understanding of this, I found our common connection. Based on these thoughts, I can even be a movable and re-designable piece of furniture.

At the very first journey with all these theories I have, I found out that it is playful to find a story and exchange each other’s secrets. It is in the emotional part that I feel connected to the space. At the same time, I also wonder if it is only just a place to stay and take a rest with its emptiness and soullessness. If it’s been present as internal and functional.

The result of the first time of performing made me decide to do some small changes. The basic ideas are still there, but because of culture and the influence between me and the unexpected situation from both sides, as a performer and public I’ve made some changes. I need and want to try present myself as a piece of furniture with its own soul and feeling inside that is able to adjust on its own and based on outer conditions. Which means that it changes from duet relationship to triangle. With a soul inside of myself as a piece of furniture, I am not only searching the connection and definitions between me and the space, it is also about to be recognized from both the place and the public/audience (or maybe I should call them strangers!)

During the second day of performing, the pattern is even more clear. My preparation for turning into a piece of furniture is to work in the studio before I perform at the furniture store. This work in progress is for setting up these four qualities in my body and mind. The difference in approach compared to the first day is, instead of confirming my connection to the furniture, I sense the

feeling of the public/audience. The reason of changing focus in this triangle relationship is because the relationship between me and furniture is internal and existing. The other way round, as a piece of furniture with its own soul, I need to gather and send my intention in a smooth way to the audience. This part of the relationship is uncontrolled and has to be created. It seems like speed- dating, when the single audience ( the most common case) and the furniture (me) find the frequence, are on the same channel, it is a present life art.

At the end, my thoughts fly: ”Is it possible to compose this piece of furniture together with others, to give this home some atmosphere?!” And the very first and last thing, also about what the definition of home is?! In the relationship to this installation, I have always been honest towards my own feelings and stayed close to myself, while I am reaching internal and external. It is a thin line between them.

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